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 Director of Transportation- Fortune 500 company

"Very professional to work with. If an issue ever does occur, I get updates from upper management and they go above and beyond to ensure things get back on track. They almost always show up on time, give accurate ETA's and the pricing always seems to be fair! Working with Gerber has made my job easier and we even had some sales reps tell us to not change a thing."

Sr. Logistics Analyst- Automotive Industry

"I have yet to have a bad experience with Gerber Logistics. Hayden Frazier is who we work with and he is very quick with updates and quotes, he always is willing to take last minute, Friday afternoon loads when the other brokers are gone for the weekend.. Him and his team do a great job for us and currently are our top carrier. Our customers love him too so that also is a plus. Thanks Hayden! "

Carrier- PBH Trucking

"Gerber Logistics is one of the good ones when it comes to freight brokers. I have had some horrible experiences with some of the big brokers but with Gerber, I was spoken to professionally, paid in 1-2 days because fuel had gone up and I explained my financial position.. They didn't charge me a Quick Pay fee or anything. They are good people and I'll be spreading the word on how great my experience was"

Market News & Industry Updates

At Gerber Logistics, we value relationships and never want to stop improving. Please message us and tell us about your experience working with us. This is 100% anonymous unless you choose to add your name. Adding your name will allow for a more in-depth follow-up. 

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

NEWS: GERBER LOGISTISCS HAS BROUGHT ON HAYDEN FRAZIER AS NEW CHIEF OF SALES/CLIENT RELATIONS. Hayden is leading a team that has already doubled our customers in the first 6 months and his role has made a giant impact with our customers. Welcome Hayden!

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